Longtime JCCI member Steven Horn is a veteran attorney, an NYU Law School graduate with years of nonimmigrant business visa experience, exclusively representing major Japanese multinational organizations. In his newly-published Japanese book, Horn focuses solely upon business visas in the United States. We encourage you to take purchase a copy ($80 per copy). 

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please email C. Steven Horn & Associates, P.C. (office@stevenhorn.com) and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Phone number
  • Number of copies


Unprecedented in the history of nonimmigrant visa practice, this last year has seen a dramatic increase in business visa scrutiny by both the USCIS in the United States and at U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad, adversely impacting upon legitimate international businesses’ critical need for essential employees from abroad. Ironically, even major Japanese multinational companies investing billions of dollars (U.S. dollar equivalent) and building manufacturing facilities and plants in the United States and employing thousands of U.S. workers are not immune from this assault. In the current environment, the American Embassy in Tokyo and Consulate in Osaka – Kobe have become much more restrictive in issuing E visas and more frequently denying applications for both middle management and essential employees.

We have heard awful stories within the Japanese community about CEOs and senior executives of major Japanese multinational companies being strongly questioned by American Consuls in Japan, even when revalidating an approved E visa.

A lesser known but highly critical area of concern dealt with in the Visa Guidebook is the possible immigration consequences of corporate reorganization which are common place in today’s global business. The sheer size of M&As often overshadow the serious impact corporate changes can leave on nonimmigrant visa holders which can place such visa holder in “unlawful visa status”.

This Business Visa Guidebook is unique in that it is to our knowledge the only authoritative nonimmigrant visa guidebook in the Japanese language focusing solely upon business visas to the United States. To further assist the Japanese reader, the visa guidebook selectively uses English alongside the Japanese to clarify complex legal concepts and terminology.

Hope this book will be helpful for the Japanese community to combat against this new and unfortunate era of business visa adjudication.

Steven Horn



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