A Visit to the TWA Lounge

I’ve had the privilege to visit the TWA lounge at One World Trade Center, a miniature version of what the TWA Hotel is going to look like in spring 2019. Once the hotel is complete, this space will turn into the hotel’s sales office.

The ’60s was known as the Golden Age of Travel, where Concordes thrived and women dreamed to become flight attendants.

Displayed around the lounge were TWA memorabilia, posters, pins, and booklets. There were also flight attendant uniforms throughout the years. The ceiling speakers lightly played songs from the olden days, from the Beatles to Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon. Rotary phones and Remington typewriters were also showcased here and there, as guests had the opportunity to fly back into the past and relive the golden days of flying.

Unfortunately, it was fairly overcast, as the weather couldn’t decide if it wanted to rain, but the views were breathtaking nonetheless.

Yes, that white structure is our featured image for 2018-19 Membership Directory! The Oculus.
Atop the 86th Floor, looking south. Music and Dinner Cruse attendees: remember that route out yonder by Lady Liberty?


The completed hotel at JFK Airport near terminal 5 will feature early morning and late night check-in times. In addition, the hotel will have 6 restaurants, 8 bars, outdoor terraces, 5GB Wifi speed, and a rooftop pool overlooking JFK Airport. Terminals are easily accessible and even walk-able. What else can you ask for?


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