Precipitation Is Nothing: 26th Sanbetsu Golf Held, Despite All-Day Rain

“The experience on the [golf] course with another person is really telling. It comes down, again, to trust. A CEO can tell if a future business partner is discreet, if he or she plays by the rules, if he or she can handle stress or is a pleasure to be around” (Keith Ferrazzi, author and entrepreneur). 

And after that day, all 99 resilient golfers in attendance knew they could handle it, as they gathered at the New York Country Club amidst heavy rainfall. The rain refused to abate, as the day conjured up the feeling of monsoon season all over again. Rain clouds hid the sun, as a chilly breeze loomed over the country club. Golf cart seats were drenched, water pitter-patting against the roof. Soaring balls left a trail of water behind it as if it had wings, like a golden snitch. The tournament was nearly this close to cancellation– a potential deja vu from last year. Their wives worried.

“We’re not playing?” a golfer asked me, unconvinced by the conditions.

Indeed, they played on. For 9 holes.

Golfers were in smiles as if a sunny day, greeting their friends and clients, changing into their golf wear, and having a cup of Joe. Laughter carried out in the open course.

JCCI raised $10,000 for the 2018 Japan Disaster Relief Fund. A total of $160 was collected at the 8-hole penalty, and $120 at the 17-hole penalty. Nobody came home with a hole-in-one. 1st place overall went to Trading C, with a one-under par 36, led by team captain Koji Izutani of Sojitz Corporation of America.

Longest drivers:

No. 7– Masaaki Sawasaki (4B), Kawasaki Heavy Industries (USA), Inc

No. 16– Atsuhiko Tsukamoto (13A), Sojitz Corporation of America

Near Pin:

No. 3– Haruo Takamaru (1B) 3’2″, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

No. 8– Nobu Eto (3B), 8’1″, Nagase America Corporation

No. 12– Shintaro Araki (4B) 10’3″, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

No. 17– Akito Watanabe (15) 12’6″, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)


JCCI thanks all participants for attending the tournament amidst the rain, and we hope next year will turn out sunny.


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