34th Gala, In the Homestretch

We’re in the homestretch for preparing for the 34th Annual Dinner Gala. We’ve just sent out all tickets to attendees. Guests lists and programs are all in, props and awards delivered, production meeting held, table arrangements organized, final drafts for scripts in the making, and all that’s left is to ensure everything is set up correctly at the Hilton.

The Hilton Midtown covers so much real estate, and I’ve only seen the grand ballroom in pictures. It’s the largest in NYC, with over 24,000 sq ft. of space large enough to accommodate 3,000 persons. The hotel has covered numerous events, from cryptocurrency conferences to the International Emmy Awards. Some of the interior designing reminds me of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut during the masquerade scene.

A total of a little more than 700 are expected to attend our Gala. For anyone who has any trouble with tickets, there will be a Control Center adjacent to the registration table on the 3rd floor for any immediate assistance.

We’ve voted on the menu options, and we hope you enjoy the food. For those who want a little sneak peek, there will be beef. Dessert will have a dash of Japanese whiskey.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 212-246-8001 or info@jcciny.org. We look forward to seeing everyone there in their dapper attire. Cheers!


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