At the 34th Annual Dinner Gala, Generosity Comes Full Circle

It was a much successful evening  at the 34th Annual Dinner Gala, Growth Through Generosity, as an audience of more than 800 came together to celebrate the unwavering partnership between the U.S. and Japan.

Special congratulations to the honorees, Mr. Hiroshi Senju, Mr. George Takei, Mr. Michael Bloomberg, and Mr. Yasuhiro Makoshi on behalf of restaurateur Mr. Nobuyoshi Kuraoka.

“I am excited about what the future holds, provided that we continue to work together to strengthen the vital U.S. – Japan Partnership,” JCCI president Hidemoto Mizuhara said, starting off the Gala.

As the festivities began, dinner chairman Koki Umeda of Tokio Marine America touched upon 2018 U.S Open Champion, Naomi Osaka. As a “symbolic bridge between the US and Japan…with her personality of real honesty, modesty, and generosity.”

JCCI was also greatly humbled to have with us Michael Bloomberg, three-term mayor of New York City in a discussion with Vincent Colman of PricewaterhouseCoopers. In the talk, topics ranged from leadership, two cities (New York/Tokyo), private sector vs. government, philanthropy, climate change, the economy , and his future plans.

Bloomberg was among the many honorees at this year’s Annual Dinner Gala. Photo by Bloomberg Philanthropies

“Tokyo is vibrant, the business people are ambitious, discipline and good promoters, but the one disadvantage is that Tokyo is not surrounded by any English-speaking countries as New York is well positioned as a crossroads.  English is the language of business worldwide.  New York, as a hub, benefits tremendously from this geographic position where English is regularly used.”

In regards to climate change, Bloomberg stated America as the only country that will meet its obligations under the Paris Climate Treaty. “But we all must do our part because what you do in your country will affect someone living in another part of the world,” he said.

Three-term mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg with George Takei

In his eyes, China will become the “superpower of the future,” and that the century of American exceptionalism is waning. “We in America must realize this.,” he said. “Our trading partner Japan must realize as well that we have to deal with China individually and together.”

The Gala went on to feature the honorees, Nobuyoshi Kuraoka, Hiroshi Senju, and George Takei.




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