Hirokazu Kore-eda Film Screenings


Entice yourself with Hirokazu Kore-eda’s film screenings at the Film Society Lincoln Center just blocks away from JCCI, from November 23. Please refer to the calendar for times and details. Kore-eda is a recipient of the Palme d’Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival for Shoplifters.

Six by Kore-eda:


A widowed mother remarries and moves to a small, remote fishing village, adapting gradually but retaining an ache that cannot be restored. (110 min).

After Life

The dead must choose a single memory they will get to relive. A story of bygone happiness, and the essence of what it means to live a life worth living. (118 min).

Nobody Knows

Four children are left to live alone in a Tokyo apartment after their mother leaves them for a mysterious job. Inspired by a real-life child abandonment case. (141 min).

Like Father, Like Son

A negligent nurse declares a father his son is not biological. A story of family dynamics, and parent-children relationships. (114 min).

I Wish

Two, young separated siblings at last reunite. (128 min).

Still Walking

A daylong gathering of a family mourns the loss of their eldest son. A meditation on family love, and Kore-eda’s very own late-mother. (114 min).


Shoplifters (until Nov. 29). 

A “family” made up of societal castoffs survive by petty stealing and grifting. Yet when they welcome a young girl who’s been abused by her parents, they risk showing themselves to the greater public, upending their discreetness.

“The director’s latest masterful, richly observed human drama makes the quietly radical case that it is love—not blood—that defines a family,” the Film Society Lincoln Center writes. (121 min).


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