Wrapping Up 2018 with the 5th Annual Women’s Networking Event

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce successfully held its last event of the year, the 5th Annual Women’s Networking Event Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Speakers Kay Ikawa and Sharon Pierce of United Airlines delivered a much informative talk on the challenges women face, and the steps to thrive in the workplace for the next generation of women behind them.

The speakers took the interactive approach, and dedicated much of their time answering all questions from the audience.
“Be present, in the moment,” said Pierce, who successfully raised two children while working. She suggested to really opt to make clear one’s own personal life and one’s own working life.
Ikawa added on. “You see a vision, a dream. Follow your vision and that dream. Initiate more, put yourself on the edge, and look to see if there’s anything else you can be doing. It’ll be fulfilling to see that accomplishment.”
Pierce went on to emphasize to not just execute, but innovate something.
“Don’t be a yes person,” Ikawa said. “And don’t try to emulate any-one.
Pierce encouraged the audience to have a unique value proposition—that is, to make oneself valuable and that it’s okay to fail. That even if you stumble on a problem, or hit a barrier along the way, it’s apt to pivot your way in a different direction and keep going.
“Because it’s been known that you are your strongest at your worst times,” she said.
“When you fail, fail really fast early on when it doesn’t work out,” Ikawa said.
“Don’t just execute—innovate something.”
Wine glasses clinked, and laughter ensued at the reception. The night was a casual and homey one, as two attendees came home with two United Airlines tickets from the raffle: a domestic, Economy Class Round Trip Certificate, and a System Wide Economy Class Round Trip Certificate.

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