In A Tech-Centered Generation, Cyber Security on the Top List

As Japan will host a number of major events in the upcoming years, the government plans to examine some 200 million network-connected devices for cyber security lapses.

From the declaration of the new era, the Group of 20 meetings, the Rugby World Cup, and the 2020 Summer Olympics, the government must take extra precautionary measures to avoid any security attacks as many venues feature electronic ticketing, and machines such as webcams. Tokyo is also known as a mecca for most electronic gadgets and machinery.

For Japan, to instill deeper cooperation between the U.S. among other countries, researchers from the Center for Strategic & International Studies suggest it’s apt for them to join the Five Eyes intelligence sharing network with the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, especially since Japan is already in good terms with the five countries.

At the Pyeongchang Olympics, internal Wi-Fi and network went down just before the opening ceremony as South Korean officials acknowledged they’ve been a victim of a cyber attack.

JCCI will also host a cyber security seminar presented by Willis Towers Watson and best-selling author Teruyoshi Adachi on February 26. Every company faces these risks, and they can happen anytime, anywhere. The seminar will go over the latest tips companies should employ to prevent any unwanted attacks. Register today!


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