Supporting COVID-19 Workers, JCCI & Nippon Club Team Up to Provide Bento Boxes

Sean D. Kawakami, JCCI

Photo by R. Suzuki

Together with the Nippon Club, we’ve recently launched our project, “Let’s Support COVID-19 Fighters! Feeding the Front Line in NY” where we plan to provide 4,000 specially prepared bento lunch boxes over the next 6 months to our brave, frontline medical workers who are fighting against the virus to keep our lives in check. 

We’ve jointly solicited support from both member companies, and have begun our first delivery to our first recipients, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital.

In a desolate 57th Street, where traffic was usually present, boxes of bento were packed in a truck. One of them helping to pack was Nippon Club Executive Chef Hideki Yasuoka, who began preparing at 6:30 in the morning along with two other chefs.

130 boxes were ready to go by noon.

Yasuoka, left, helps pack. 4,000 bento boxes will be sent to various hospitals and facilities over the next 6 months.

“It’s the least I could do for the medical staff,” Yasuoka said. “Accompanied with the chef’s gratitude, I hope the boxes can uplift their spirits and allow them to take a breather. I’m glad I’m able to take part in this project, and I hope the virus will subside soon.”

34 companies have cooperated in this project as of May 3, including Sumitomo Corporation of America, Mitsui & Co., Hitachi America, Nomura Holding America, SOMPO International, and Daiwa Securities Capital Markets America.

“While the pandemic limits our ability to work from the office, it does not limit our unwavering community,” Masaaki Maeda, JCCI & Nippon Club Acting Vice President, said. “Together, we believe our medical workers deserve much more than just a simple thanks, and we figured our bento lunch boxes will not only provide them with nutritious ingredients, but also give them a taste of Japanese culture and cuisine.”

Delivery will start once a week, and will be provided to local hospitals and facilities. Bento contents will change every week, and will be accompanied with gratitude and appreciation messages.

We hope to gradually expand our project to other hospitals soon, and it is the support from people like you that we can continue to deliver more bento boxes over the long term. When 7 p.m. cheers are not enough, Please consider making a donation here

1 thought on “Supporting COVID-19 Workers, JCCI & Nippon Club Team Up to Provide Bento Boxes

  1. Florence Rostami June 12, 2020 — 12:54 pm

    Thank you for supporting the essential and frontline workers. My daughter is a resident surgeon at USC (L.A.)–I am very happy to see that JCCINY and the Japanese community appreciates her colleagues in NY.


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