Bento Box Project Recognized for Consul General of Japan’s Commendation for 2020

FEBRUARY 23, 2021—The Nippon Club and JCCI’s Bento Project “Let’s Support Covid-19 Fighters! Feeding the Front Line in NY” has been selected to receive a commendation from the Consul General on the Emperor’s birthday (February 23). Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi, Consul General of Japan in New York, presented the certificate at the ceremony. The commendation, established in 1999, is selected by the Consul General, and recognizes individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to promote mutual understanding and friendship with other countries through public relations and cultural projects.

Nippon Club President Mr. Hidenori Takaoka (right) presented with the commendation from Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi

Early last year, when COVID-19 threatened to overwhelm New York’s healthcare system, members of The Nippon Club and Japanese Chamber of Commerce Industry of New York (JCCI) asked themselves: What can we do to help? Befitting its name, the Bento Project was established to provide complimentary bento boxes to our tireless medical workers in New York and its surrounding communities. Its aim was to also promote the unique Japanese culture, cuisine, and hospitality. Since the start of the project in May 7th of last year, JCCI and the Nippon Club jointly solicited support from member companies and individuals. Bento boxes have been prepared twice a week at the Nippon Club kitchen, supervised by Nippon Club Executive Chef Hideki Yasuoka, and were delivered to 14 hospitals in Manhattan by Nippon Express. Each bento box contained a sticker with encouraging comments from sponsors.

Last year, a total of 6,110 bento boxes were delivered.

“This project would not have been possible without your support, and this award is a credit to you,” Masaaki Maeda, Vice President and Assistant Secretary, JCCI and Nippon Club, said. “I am sure that the medical professionals will remember the taste of delicious Japanese food and feelings of gratitude toward the sponsors of the Nippon Club/JCCI.”

This is one of the many times JCCI has teamed up with The Nippon Club. As we share common goals of mediating U.S.-Japan relations, we hope to continue to work together to strengthen our collective mission.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the companies and individuals who’ve helped sponsor this project. And we believe it is our responsibility to preserve this project as long as we can support our hardworking medical workers.

View the video here.

The video’s section on the Nippon Club has been made with the cooperation of NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc.

Please help us continue this project by making a donation here.

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