Upcoming Events and Save the Dates

We hope everyone is doing well as we near June. We would like to take this time to give you a peek of what’s ahead.

As we were unable to host our annual training program last year, we are excited to bring it back virtually this year on June 24th with trainers, Mr. Paul Jaffe, New York Representative, Japan Intercultural Consulting, and Mr. Ryota Mitsugi, President & CEO, Mitsugi International Corporation.

Since the beginning of the new fiscal year, most American and Japanese employees have become familiar with their colleagues and accustomed to procedures whether online or at the office. At the same time, we understand that communication and cultural issues may have come up.

To address such challenges, we are offering the program on Zoom that splits American and Japanese employees into separate sessions, for in-depth training on communication and legal/compliance updates. Following the split session, all attendees will come together to workshop in small groups, and then enjoy a networking reception to follow.

First Session: Business Culture and Manners, Cultural Background, Leadership, and Working Style

Second Session: Interactive workshop and group discussion on Leadership, Business Communication, and Multicultural Work Environments

Both session will be led by our trainers.

We hope that will you send one or more of your American and Japanese representatives from your company for this Training Program focused on bridging cultural gaps and creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding with updated information and knowledge.

Take a look at our past in-person training program from 2019!


What’s more, on June 16, we will be presenting the second part of JCCI, Nippon Club, and SYSCOM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS‘ webinar. The theme will touch on cloud security management and CASB. The third and final part of the series will take place on July 14, and will go over IT security risk in remote work, zero-trust model and endpoint security management. We are also looking forward to having California-based company transcosmos America Inc. present a webinar on Information Technology on June 17, 2-3pm.

Registration and more information for these events will follow. Meanwhile, registration for the training program is currently open. We hope to see you there!

If your business needs more attention, we are offering business webinar packages. In addition to our promise to bring out the best in your brand, we will provide MC support, survey reports, and targeted outreach. For more information, view our package plan offers here.

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