2021 JCCI Business Survey Results

Based on the results of 81 responses from BOD and Regular member company representatives, conducted from May 19-28, 2021. Please refer to the below link for the full results.

Some takeaways compared to last year’s survey:

We’ve noticed a stark light of optimism in section 1-6 where 85% percent last year believed it will get worse for Japanese companies in the American market over the next year in 2020, compared to 17.3% this year.

Regarding section 1-14, in last year’s survey, 17.9% said the total number of employees decreased in the past year (2019), while this year 27.2% decreased in the past year (2020). Meanwhile, in last year’s survey, the total number of employees hired in the past year in the U.S. (2019) , stayed the same for 44%, increased for 37%, and decreased for 19%. In this year’s survey, the total number in the past year (2020) stayed the same for 60%, increased for 16.3%, and decreased for 23.8%.

In section 1-26, we’ve added to the list “Office Strategy” and “Employee and Family Health,” and each received 38% and 51.9% respectively, as we believe they are some of the core concerns regarding business. The only selection that received higher than Employee and Family Health was “Employee Visa Acquisitions and Renewal” with 59.5%. “Visa & Immigration” remains a top selection (77.9%) for section 1-31 as well regarding issues hoped to be improved by President Biden.

Last year, “Global Recession” came in top with 22%, followed by Employee Visa Acquisitions and Renewal at 17.8%, and “Retaining and Hiring Talent” at 10.8%.

In section 1-28, we’ve added “Reorganization of Internal Department” and “Rationalization of Personnel” and were the most selected with 91.2% and 35.3% respectively.

In section 1-29, we can certainly ask what is “normal”? But what we mean really is the new normal–that is, when companies can start to settle and recover, send their employees abroad, increase person-to-person contact, and open offices and branches. The majority this year have said 3 to 6 months (37.3%), while last year it was head-to-head between 1 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months.

For the full list of results, please refer to this link.

If you would like to cite our numbers, kindly attribute us as “Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York (JCCI).”

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