Jetting to Japan with JCCI’s U.S. Educators Program

Join us for a virtual summer study tour of Japan!

This special event is arranged by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, and is designed to benefit Educators serving tri-state area Japanese students. This year’s tour will be a bi-weekly virtual series beginning on Tuesday, July 6th comprised of 4 sessions. Please visit our program website here for more information and to register to join. If you are unable to join, we ask that you pass this along to an educator who may be interested (We limit participation to 3 people per school).

By participating in our 2021 virtual program, you will have an opportunity to apply for our 2022 program which will be a 2-week trip to Japan. (Program participation is dependent upon completion of the full 2021 virtual series and application submission and review by JCCI. 2022 travel is also dependent upon travel restrictions in place at the time.)

See here for details from our past trips:



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