JCCI Appeals for Modification of Border Measures Upon Entry to Japan/JCCI, 水際対策の緩和を要請

Above: JCCI President Hidenori Takaoka (left) with Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi, Consulate General of Japan in New York 

In accordance with the Japanese government-regulated COVID-19 border measures, all cross-border travelers and returnees are requested to stay for 14 days at an accommodation (registered location of isolation) or their home. As of October 1, 2021, the 14-day quarantine period can be shortened to 10 days for those who have been fully inoculated against COVID-19 if they undergo another PCR or quantitative antigen test voluntarily on or after the 10th day and obtain a negative result. This new rule applies only to those who have received one of the vaccines authorized by the Japanese government.

While shortening the quarantine period for those who have completed vaccination is a step forward, the 10-day quarantine period is still a considerable time burden, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

What is more, visa issuance to foreign nationals has been suspended. The use of public transportation is restricted (even for when taking the antigen test), and people must arrange for a special car service. Some may have certain family matters, and have to stay in hotels instead of their homes during the isolation period. These requirements are not only time-consuming, but also financially troublesome.

In this regard, JCCI appealed for the following border measures to the Consulate General of Japan in New York on Thursday, October 21, 2021:

  1. Exemption from the quarantine period upon entry to Japan for those who have completed vaccination.
  2. Elimination of restrictions on the use of public transportation upon entry to Japan for those who have completed vaccination.
  3. Resume immigration approval and visa issuance for those who have completed vaccination.
  4. In addition to only Japanese government-approved vaccines, those who have completed CDC-approved vaccines are subject to the above (1), (2), (3).

JCCI believes this will help streamline procedures for both Japanese and Americans entering Japan, and continue to revitalize economic activities in their respective countries.

日本政府が定めた新型コロナウイルスに係る入国措置に基づき、入国者及び帰国者に対し自宅または宿泊施設で14日間待機することが義務付けられています。2021年10月1日より、新型コロナウ イルスワクチンを完全接種した人については、10日目以降に改めてPCR検査又は抗原定量検査を受け、検査結果が陰性の場合には、14日間の隔離期間を短縮出来ることになりました。この新しいルールは日本政府が認めたワクチンのいずれかを完全接種した人のみに適用され、また、検査を受ける際の移動に公共交通機関を利用することは禁じられています。




(1) ワクチン接種完了者を対象にした日本入国後の隔離期間の免除
(2) ワクチン接種完了者を対象にした日本入国後の公共交通機関利用制限の撤廃
(3) 外国人のワクチン接種完了者に対する入国承認、査証発給の再開
(4) 日本政府承認のワクチンのみならず、CDC承認のワクチンを接種完了している人についても上記(1)、(2)、(3)の対象とすること



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