The Chamber’s original mandate was designed primarily to facilitate trade between the U.S. and Japan.

As globalization of the world economy continues, our mission has expanded to include supporting the business relationships that flourish between the Japanese and American communities in New York, and to close the cultural gap that hinders complete economic cooperation. It is imperative that our economic leaders embrace social responsibilities and contribute to the community. The Chamber actively encourages its members to develop friendships with leaders in their local community, as well as government officials, by hosting numerous luncheons, symposiums and other activities. Functioning as a not-for-profit organization, The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, Inc. will continue to be the mediator between our two nations and work to achieve the goal of the Chamber’s founding fathers: a bilateral relationship based on friendship and cooperation.

Our History

On November 14, 1932, fourteen prominent Japanese businessmen established the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of New York, Inc. in order to foster and promote friendship and economic relations between the United States and Japan.  Early 20th Century activities included hosting Japanese business and political delegations, including the first visit to the U.S. of an Emperor and Empress in 1975.

As its ties to New York deepened, the Chamber established more ways to connect with the local community, creating the U.S. Educators Program in 1989 and supporting other initiatives through the charitable giving of the J.C.C. Fund.  And having published a number of texts dealing with Japanese trade, investment and other economic issues over the years, over 80 years after its founding the Chamber still functions to bring the business leaders of the world’s two largest economic superpowers closer together.

This blog is to provide our members with information about the Japanese community around the Tri-State area, as well as personal entries from our staff in the office.

Why join us?



Throughout the year, we host various business seminars on today’s hot topics, training sessions led by expert speakers, and casual outings. With more than 300 member companies involved, JCCI is a great place to expand your network.



All members will have access to our online directory anytime, anywhere. In addition, they will automatically be subscribed to our monthly newsletter, and will be able to view exclusive news articles on the website.


Increase Visibility

JCCI offers all members the opportunity to sponsor a seminar/event. During the pandemic, we’ve started to offer webinar package services. In addition, members may post web ads on our website and newsletter. Now that we live in a digital age, we understand how important it is to have a presence online. We’ve got you covered!


A Hub for Philanthropy

JCCI takes a leadership role in supporting and helping local communities, with contributions to various humanitarian organizations and disaster relief efforts through the Chamber’s J.C.C. Fund. It is with your membership that we are able to continue being a hub for philanthropy.

Join us Today!

Members will be charged on a yearly basis following the fiscal year (April-March of the following year). Members who join during the middle of the membership period will be given a prorated fee.

Regular Membership
  • Voting-rights, eligible to participate in our Board of Director and Annual Meetings. Qualify for Board of Director appointment.
  • Membership discounts and promotions.
Associate Membership
  • Individuals and small businesses
  • Membership discounts and promotions.

Unsure which membership to join? Contact us at 212-246-8001 or info@jcciny.org.

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