Spring Forth to A Good Start

Snow weeks back. Bitter and windy yesterday. The weather in NYC recently is unpredictable, as it has reached a skyrocketing 70 degrees F this weekend, but is expected to drop back down to the 40s come next week. My phone tells me it’s 79 degrees right now and I’m floored. Heck, Syracuse is expected to have one to three inches of snow. Go figure.

On this magnificent, sunny day, office workers and tourists sit outside the building seating areas and on park benches, restaurants start to provide outdoor seating, some people even already decked themselves out in tees and shorts. What with all the fluctuating temperatures, I don’t know whether if I should store my winter clothes away. As soon as you know it, people start getting sick.

Central Park is populated with families having picnics, best friends having warm chats, and miscellaneous kids frolicking around in the playground screaming in joy. Enter Nerf water guns. Since when are there so many people out here in the city? I think to myself.

With JCCI being right near the park, I often have lunch there during pleasant days and think about what to include for the next monthly newsletter, or, casually brainstorm ideas for a new event while staring at passing taxi cabs and hungry pigeons begging for any sort of food. Should there be any events you’d like to see be covered from our end, or if you’d like to collaborate, please feel free to email me at skawakami@jcciny.org, and we’ll work it out from there. We’re always welcome to new ideas.

Our recent Women’s Networking Event was a success, as we’ve received many praises and requests to hold another one. Stay tuned, as we will probably organize it around the fall.

At the current moment, we have an upcoming business seminar for American and Japanese professionals. In this workshop, experienced speakers will give their advice and insights in succeeded in a multicultural environment. Save the date for Tuesday, June 5!! The weather by that time should be fairly pleasant and decent!


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